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Rheology & Viscosity

Rheology, including viscosity, studies the flow properties and deformation of materials. Rheology describes the relation between the imposed tension (or force) on a material and the deformations that are caused by it. Companies and research institutions are interested for various reasons in the rheological properties of raw materials in products and end-products. Rheological properties affect all stages of material use in industry, from formulation and stability to processing and product performance.

Everything that involves pumping, spraying, lubricating, injecting, printing, printing, coating, chewing/mouthfeel, extruding ect. of substances/products can be mapped by a rheometer. The rheology has a number of characteristic tests (Viscosity, Flow curve, Yield stress, thixotropy, amplitude sweep and fequency sweep) which can serve as a fingerprint of the developed product. The Malvern Kinexus is the only rheometer that has the ability to perform tests in the vertical (axial) position. This makes it possible to carry out tack tests (stickiness). Even the chewing process of food in the mouth (through teeth and tongue) can be analyzed with this.

Which rheometer is suitable for my application?
The type of rheometer needed to measure these properties depends on the relevant shear rates and time interval, as well as the particle size of the sample's viscosity and temperature during the process. Because there are many different applications, our product specialists ensure that the reo- and viscometers are fully adjusted to your application and offer support where necessary. Sysmex offers equipment from Malvern and ATAGO.

About Malvern
Malvern is a company that originates in the UK. Malvern is one of the top suppliers in the field of analytical systems. The systems are suitable for measuring: particle size, shape, zeta potential, protein charge, molecular weight, microcalorimetry, rheological properties and more. Sysmex has been successfully working with Malvern over 40 years.

ATAGO is a Japanese company founded in 1940. The company is a high-quality developer and manufacturer of refractometers. The basis for the technologies was laid by comprehensive optical studies. Later on, other innovative products were developed: Viscosity meters and polarimeters. Sysmex is an official distributor of ATAGO.

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