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Glutaraldemeter™ 3

PPM Technology

The Glutaraldemeter 3 is an easy-to-use, portable instrument that employs an electrochemical sensor to indicate levels of glutaraldehyde vapor in air. The instrument provides a rapid direct read-out of vapor levels on an LCD display, making it a useful screening tool to complement existing routine chemical glutaraldehyde monitoring techniques.

Although it uses the same sensor and sampling technology as its predecessor it has several advantages over it thanks to recently improved firmware:

•Much more user friendly and easy to use
•Auto zero function to prevent sensor creep
•Peak hold function and time-to-peak analysis
•Ten reading memory
•Automated calibration procedure
By using the time-to-peak function the user can ''spot'' false readings and improve the selectivity of the instrument. This is because common chemicals such as ethanol, propanol and butanol have a time-to-peak on the sensor which is much quicker than that of glutaraldehyde.

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