Sysmex Nederland

Gilian Challenger

  • Precise air flow calibration from 1-30 LPM
  • Wide temperature range of -30° to +55° C
  • Displays both actual and standard flow rates
  • Simple operation with no moving parts
  • Truly portable, battery powered calibrator

Air flow calibrator

Routine calibration of air sampling pumps is necessary to ensure accurate samples. Air sampling pumps should be calibrated before starting a sample and again after the sample. The calibrator you choose and how a sampling pump is handled are key factors in ensuring the accuracy of your samples.

Gilian Challenger
Choosing a calibrator will depend on where the calibration and sampling is to be performed. The Challenger travels well, and is ideal for field use. It is not influenced by pumps with poor pulsation control. There are no moving parts to wear out, no soap solution to spill, and no optics to become mis-aligned. The unit has a 0.75% accuracy and is traceable to the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) through its factory calibration, and each unit comes with a certificate of calibration.

Non-volumetric calibrators
Non-volumetric calibrators have become a popular alternative for field calibration. The Challenger provides the highest level of accuracy for these types of calibrators.

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