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GilAir Plus

  • QuadModeSM Air Sampling Technology
  • Selectable Automatic Fault Recovery
  • Standard Temperature & Pressure Correction
  • Superior Design & Comfort
  • Real-time Clock with Data-logging


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Air sampling pump (1 - 5,000 cc/min)

Innovation Delivered:

The ultimate air sampling pump delivering enhanced performance, greater versatility, and superior design and comfort.


The Widest Flow Range of Any Personal Air Sampling Pump:

The GilAir® Plus features wide dynamic flow and pressure ranges to address all personal air sampling methods with flow ranges between 20 and 5,000 cc/min. With patent pending QuadModeSM air sampling technology, the GilAir® Plus can perform both high-flow constant pressure and constant flow (450-5,000 cc/min) and low-flow constant pressure and constant flow (20-499 cc/min) with a single pump without external adaptors. It’s like getting two pumps in one.

Unmatched Versatility:

Samples particulates, vapors, gases, and metal fumes Works with all common sampling media Multi-language capability: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and German Outlet port for bag sampling



Flow Range
Constant flow 20-5,000 cc/min. without external adaptors. Constant pressure 1-5,000 cc/min. without external adaptors

Flow Modes
Constant Flow or Constant Pressure(high and low flow modes)

Flow Display Accuracy
± 5% or 3 cc/min. of set flow, whicheveris greaterConstant

Flow Control Accuracy
± 5% or 3 cc/min. of set flow, whicheveris greater

Constant Pressure Mode Accuracy
± 10% of back pressureBack

Pressure Capability
5,000 cc/min. up to 12" H2O back pressure (8 hour run time)
4,000 cc/min. up to 20" H2O back pressure
3,000 cc/min. up to 30" H2O back pressure
2,000 cc/min. up to 30" H2O back pressure
1,000 cc/min. up to 35" H2O back pressure
450-1,000 cc/min. up to 40" H2O back pressure
20-449 cc/min. up to 25" H2O back pressure

Run Time
8 hour minimum

Charge Time
Less than 3.5 hoursFlow

If flow changes exceed ± 5% within backpressure specifications, fault notification appears. If fault exceeds 30 seconds, pump shuts down. Selectable automatic fault recovery allows the pump to attempt restart every 3 minutes for up to 10 attempts or to hold until manual intervention.

4.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches (11.0 x 6.1 x 6.1 cm)

580 g

2 years from original shipment, 5 years for pump keypad, and 1 year on rechargeable NiMH battery

Gilian CONNECT software

Gilian CONNECT software

Gilian CONNECT is an essential tool that assists Industrial Hygienists and Occupational Health and Safety professionals to overcome the challenges of organizing air sampling data, creating sampling reports and managing pump fleets.

  • Centralize sampling data for reporting, analysis, archiving and retrieval
  • Save time with reusable report templates and auto-complete data from database entries
  • Enter lab result data into sampling records and quickly create customizable reports for printing, PDF e-mailing, or saving to disk
  • Configure and program air sampling pumps for rapid deployment

Gilian CONNECT is compatible with GilAir Plus (Data model) and GilAir 3. You can download the free software here.



There are various accessories available for the air sampling pumps. Click here for the Sensidyne Catalog with an overview of all items. The following product groups are available:

  • Multi and single unit charging stations
  • Filter cassettes
  • Size selection samplers
  • High flow manifold
  • Sorbent tubes and holders
  • Gas sampling bags
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