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FOB Gold open tube

  • Quantitative test, so no subjectivity and cut-off setup
  • Traceability and data collection (unlike standard rapid tests)
  • Batch testing when it suits you
  • Can be used in most clinical chemistry analysers


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Universal system for FIT, suitable to the majority of clinical chemistry analysers.

Universal system for FIT, suitable to the majority of clinical chemistry analysers.

For low throughput needs, you can nevertheless make use of Sysmex’s experience in FIT testing and take advantage of the superior clinical decision-making compared to standard rapid tests.

For faecal immunological samples from symptomatic patients in a routine lab, we recommend the patented universal FOB Gold tube that can be placed in the majority of clinical chemistry analysers. Please get in touch  for more information as to which analysers have been validated.   

The benefit of this solution is that we offer everything you need to set up your testing, without the need to invest more money and space in a dedicated FIT solution.

Thanks to the connection to the laboratory information system, data collection and traceability are still guaranteed, unlike with the standard, qualitative FOB rapid tests.  Another important feature of analyser-based tests is the lack of subjectivity – you always get standardised, quantitative results. 

Thanks to the high stability of the buffer used in the sample tube, you can batch your tests for a suitable time in your routine. 

Colorectal cancer screening




  • Universal collection tube for a direct and immediate fit on your clinical chemistry analyser.
  • Quantitative test for human haemoglobin in faeces.
  • 15 years of experience of FOB automated testing on clinical chemistry analysers.
Validated CE Market Applications

Validated CE Market Applications

  • Jeol Biomajesty BM6010
  • Siemens Dimension
  • Sentinel SENTiFOB
  • Sentinel SENTiFIT 270
  • Abbott Architect c4000/8000/16000
  • IL Ilab Aries
  • IL Ilab 600
  • Beckman DxC
  • Beckman AU series
  • Siemens Advia 1650/1800/ 2400
  • Roche cobas c311
  • Roche cobas 6000 (c501)/8000 (c502)
  • Roche cobas 8000 (c701)/c702)
  • Roche Modular P/917
  • Mindray BS-800
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