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Every year thousands of sound measurements are performed to test for noise and construction acoustics. Performing a reliable measurement is sometimes difficult because the measurements are influenced by a variety of (interfering) factors. It is therefore important to work with high quality sound meters that comply with a traceable IEC 61672 standards. Sysmex offers sound systems from Rion and nTek.

About Rion
Sysmex has been the exclusive representative of the Rion sound and vibration meters in the Benelux countries for over 15 years. The Rion instruments are well-known for their user friendliness, reliability and excellent price / quality ratio. Sysmex is RvA accredited for the calibration of Rion sound level meters and acoustic calibrators.

About Ntek
Ntek is specialized in products and services for noise and vibration measurement and control, in all applicable acoustic fields. The company has been able to improve in designing, developing and producing solutions that mix simplicity, portability and user-friendly products with excellent quality. They have an accredited laboratory for calibration services. Ntek main goal is to supply a qualified service with a complete range of products delivered on time in order to guarantee its customers the chance to focus on their business. For the Ntek product line please take a look at Sysmex eShop.

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