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CyFlow Cube 6

  • Configurations with up 6 optical parameters (up to 4 colours)
  • 488 nm blue laser and 638 nm red laser
  • Particle size: 0.1 – 100 µm
  • Fluorescence sensitivity: ≤ 100 MESF (FITC) | ≤ 50 MESF (PE)
  • Optional CyFlow Robby 6 Autoloading Station


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CyFlow Cube 6

The CyFlow Cube 6 is a compact benchtop flow cytometer for the analysis of individual cells and microscopic particles. Different CyFlow Cube 6 configurations to select from offer optimal solutions for dedicated applications. The easy-to-use CyFlow software provides control of the instrument,  data acquisition, analysis and storage. CyFlow Cube 6 offers True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC), which allows the display of particle concentrations for any subsets of cells without the need for reference beads, even if defined by a gate at a later time after the acquisition.

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Light sources
Up to two simultaneous light sources (lasers)
Blue laser: 50mW at 488nm
Red laser: 25mW at 638nm or 40mW at 640nm

Modular optical system with selected PMTs with integrated electronic preamplifier for FSC, SSC, FL1-FL4
Exchangeable optical filters

Flow system
Quartz flow cuvette for laminar sample transport and hydrodynamic focussing
True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) based on mechanical volume measurement
Computer-controlled precision syringe pump, speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 µL/s

385 (W) x 290 (H) x 280 (D) mm
With Autoloading Station: 745 (W) mm



CyFlow: Intuitive software for CyFlow Cube 6

The newly designed, intuitive CyFlow acquisition and analysis software offers the measurement of millions of cells at your fingertips.

  • Quickly choose your plots for analysis from all of the combinations shown in Preview Mode.
  • Easily compare plots with the Overlay Wizard, for single or dual parameters.
  • Share and customise your results within your research organisation with the Report Generator.
  • Change your view with Zoom and V-Log Scale; you are even able to gate in Zoom Mode.
  • Compensate rapidly with the Compensation Wizard.
  • CyFlow optimally supports the True Volumetric Absolute Counting of the CyFlow Cube 6, displaying particle concentrations for any subsets of cells, even if defined by a gate at a later time after the acquisition.
Available options

Available options

CyFlow Robby 6 Autoloading Station
General facts
Protective housing with no light incidence
Flexible well/tube measurements

Microplates and tubes
48- or 96-well plates; V-, U- and flat-bottom are fitting (max. 2)
Plates meeting the standards ANSI/SLAS (1-2004 through 4-2004)
2mL-tubes (max. 120)

Sample volume
Flexible choice of sample volume up to 180 µL for plates and 2,000 µL for tubes

Continuously adjustable from 0.2 to 10 µL/s
Approx. 1h for a 96-well plate (speed 2 µL/s, sample volume 20 µL)

360mm (W) x 270mm (H) x 370 (D) mm



Absolute cell and particle counting
Cell and particle sorting

Yeast viability and fermentation process control
Water quality analysis
Absolute counting of bacteria and other microorganisms
Viability of bacteria and other microorganisms
Quality control in dairy industry and milk products
Marine biology and algae
Agrosciences and aquaculture
Quality control in cosmetics

Industrial applications
Bioreactor process optimisation
Quality assurance in food and beverage industry

Cell biology
Cell cycle and DNA analysis
Viability and live/dead analysis
Cell proliferation
Cancer research
Cytokines and bead-based assays
Cell signalling
Plant biology
Detection of ploidy level
Plant genome size and DNA analysis
Biomedical research
Animal models
Stem cells
Haematological disorders


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