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Atago PAL-Easy ACID Series

  • Easy measurement of acidity in food products
  • 16 Different models each uniquely designed with a specific scale
  • No costly reagents required
  • Small size and quick results
  • International Protection Class: IP65

Atago PAL-Easy ACID Series

Pocket Acidity Refractometer and Master Kits easily measure Acidity. The PAL-Easy ACID Series measures sugar and acidity level in fruit juices, milk, beer, yogurt, sake, or vinegar. There are 16 different PAL-Easy ACID meter models, each uniquely designed with a specific scale best suited for the sample it is measuring. The PAL-Easy ACID meters measure the total acidity in a sample and convert it into either citric, tartaric, malic, acetic, or lactic acid concentrations, depending on the unit. Unlike the traditional titration method, PAL-Easy ACID requires no costly reagent. Special features include a backlit screen for easy to read measurements (even in dark locations), and fast measurement in approx. three seconds.


Cat.No. KitModelScale range
7300Atago PAL-Easy ACID F5 (Multi Fruits)


Citrus 0,10~4,00%

Grape & Wine 0,10~4,00%

Tomato 0,10~3,00%

Strawberry 0,10~3,50%

Blueberry 0,10~4,00%

7301Atago PAL-Easy ACID1 (Citrus)

Acid 0,10 to 4,00%

7302Atago PAL-Easy ACID2 (Grape & Wime)

Acid 0,10 to 4,00%

7303Atago PAL-Easy ACID3 (Tomato)

Acid 0,10 to 3,00%

7304Atago PAL-Easy ACID4 (Strawberry)

Acid 0,10 to 3,50%

7305Atago PAL-Easy ACID5 (Apple)

Acid 0,10 to 4,00%

7306Atago PAL-Easy ACID6 (Banana)

Acid 0,10 to 0,60%

7307Atago PAL-Easy ACID7 (Blueberry)

Acid 0,10 to 4,00%

7308Atago PAL-Easy ACID8 (Kiwi Fruit)

Acid 0,10 to 3,00%

7309Atago PAL-Easy ACID9 (Pineapple)

Acid 0,10 to 3,50%

7340Atago PAL-Easy ACID40 (Coffee Cherry)

Acid 0,10 to 1,90%

7391Atago PAL-Easy ACID91 (Milk)

Acid 0,10 to 0,30%

7396Atago PAL-Easy ACID96 (Yoghurt)

Acid 0,10 to 3,00%

7701Atago PAL-Easy ACID101 (Beer)

Acid 0,10 to 20,0%

7721Atago PAL-Easy ACID121 (Sake)

Acid 0,10 to 25,0%

7781Atago PAL-Easy ACID181 (vinegar)

Acid 0,10 to 12,00%




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