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Atago MASTER Salinity Meters

  • Available in two types: NON-ATC (M-Series) and ATC plus IP65 (α-Series)
  • Scales in Sodium Chloride (%) for salt water or Salinity (‰) for sea water
  • Rugged construction, corrosion resistant
  • Units used for measuring the concentration of salt in water. For example: preparation and storage of seafood, brining solutions & concentrations of salt used in cooking
  • The S/Mill-models also have a Specific Gravity scale from 1,000 to 1,070


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Atago MASTER Salinity Meters

The units can be used for controlling the concentration of saltwater used in rinsing seafood or salinity in cooking. NEW material (which is durable for salty and acid sample) is adopted. The α-Series are Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) models with water resistant properties (IP65). The M-Series are a good alternative choice when the water resistant feature is not a priority and the Temperature Compensation will be carried out manually.

Cat.No.ModelScale rangeAccuracy
2481Atago MASTER-S28α0,0 to 28,0% NaClSodium chloride ±0,2%
2483Atago MASTER-S28M0,0 to 28,0% NaClSodium chloride ±0,2%
2471Atago MASTER-S10α0,0 to 10,0% NaClSodium chloride ±0,2%
2473Atago MASTER-S10M0,0 to 10,0% NaClSodium chloride ±0,2%
2491Atago MASTER-S/MillαSalinity 0 to 100‰Salinity ±2‰
2493Atago MASTER-S/MillMSalinity 0 to 100‰Salinity ±2‰
2484Atago MASTER-BX/S28M

0,0 to 28,0% NaCl

0,0 to 33,0% Brix

Sodium chloride ±0,2%

Brix ±0,2%

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