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Atago CM-800α

  • Compact in-line model (IP67)
  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, or liquid mixing apparatus, or washing apparatus
  • For continuously measurement of concentration (Brix) of various liquid samples up to 100°C with an accuracy of ±0,1% Brix
  • Enable real time process control of dilution and mixing process like reconstituted juice, syrup, emulsions, lubricating oils, fermenting processes, various waste liquids, glycol, PVA, etc.


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Atago CM-800α

This refractometer is a compact in-line model which can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, or a liquid mixing apparatus, or a washing apparatus to continuously measure concentration (Sugar content: Brix) and is suitable for use in control of mixing or concentrating processes at food manufacturing plants, in control of fermentation equipment (alcohol, soysouce, etc.), in control of concentration of water-based or alkali-based detergent, etc.
The CM-800α use the same connection system as the PRM-100α (Straight type; π type; L type).

In addition, ATAGO has added some very important customizability to the CM-800α. CM units can now be ordered with an SUS316L sample stage for even better corrosion resistance. Customers with rigorous automation in mind can now use the CM series with the popular PROFIBUS protocol, and the units can be ordered with Varivent fittings for more stringent hygiene and modularity requirements, including compliance to EHEDG and 3-A Sanitary Standards.

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