FIT screening

The FIT-based screening test is easy and therefore manages to attract high participation rates – the main driver behind the success of any national or regional screening programme. Generally, national or regional administrations assume responsibility for managing the logistics, financials and efficiency of the programme in close cooperation with their selected laboratory partners.

For further information, you can check our FIT for screening microsite.



CO2 Performance ladder

The CO2 performance ladder is an instrument for encouraging companies to act responsibly as regards their CO2 emissions, both as part of their own corporate policy and in project implementation. This involves in particular saving energy, using materials efficiently and using renewable energy.

The CO2 performance ladder provides Sysmex with a concrete idea of its CO2 emissions, in other words its CO2 footprint. For this purpose, we have analysed the following 4 aspects: notion, reduction, communication, participation and own initiatives (as determined by the CO2 performance ladder).


Among other things, by participating in initiatives beyond our own organisation, we wish to involve ourselves actively in the reduction of CO2 emissions. Sysmex attends ‘Nederland CO2 Neutraal’ meetings in which we examine the sector or chain initiatives we can actively take part in.

Emission inventory


Energy policy

CO2 Certificate NL

CO2 Certificate BE

‘Nederland CO2 Neutraal’ declaration of intent

Stichting Klimaatvriendelijk Aanbesteden & Ondernemen (SKAO)

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