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De CyFlow Space is een high-end multi-laser flowcytometer, die de meest flexibele, eenvoudige en betrouwbare functies biedt voor routine- en onderzoekswerkzaamheden. Het instrument is geschikt voor de analyse van individuele cellen en microscopische deeltjes in suspensie. De geavanceerde flowcytometrie-technologie van CyFlow Space bestrijkt een breed scala aan verschillende toepassingen. De fluorescentie-excitatie met één tot vijf lichtbronnen heeft een bereik van ultraviolette tot rode excitatielijnen. 

Analyse van cel- en deeltjesconcentratie door True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC). Celsortering door een optionele cel- en deeltjessorteerder.

Walk-away-automatisering door automatische belading van 96- en 384-wells-platen.


FloMax flow cytometry data acquisition and analysis software

The Windows™-based FloMax software includes multiple online gating, logical gates, and colour gating. N-colour online and offline software compensation is another standard feature of the FloMax software. Data may be acquired with compensation or as uncompensated raw data. Either way, compensation can be done, undone, or changed after analysis on stored data. User-selectable statistics are calculated on subset populations identified by regions that are created by the user with easy-to-use drawing tools, and combined using simple, logical formulas. Other sophisticated features include cell cycle analysis and peak analysis. Custom reports are quickly and easily generated from the acquired data using the integrated, macro-driven interface with Microsoft™ Word and Excel. FloMax data files are stored in FCS standard format and are therefore fully compatible with other commercial flow cytometry software.

The FloMax software is pre-installed on the Windows™ PC that is delivered as part of the CyFlow Space systems. Three additional licences for offline copies of the FloMax software are also included free of charge, which offers a cost-effective solution for working groups with the need for offline data analysis software.

Light sourcesUp to five light sources
Blue solid state laser: 50mW fix or 200mW adjustable at 488nm
Red diode laser: 25mW at 638nm or 40mW at 640nm
Violet diode laser: 100mW at 405nm
Green DPSS laser: 30 or 100mW at 532nm
Yellow laser: 100mW at 561nm
High-power UV LED: 365nm
Ultraviolet diode laser: 60mW at 375nm
Orange diode laser: 50mW at 594nm
OpticsModular optical system with up to 16/eight optical parameters with selected PMTs with integrated electronic preamplifier for FSC, SSC, FL1-FL13
Exchangeable optical filters
Colour CCD camera for sample flow monitoring
Flow systemQuartz flow cuvette for laminar sample transport and hydrodynamic focussing
True Volumetric Absolute Counting (TVAC) based on mechanical volume measurement
Computer-controlled precision syringe pump, speed continuously adjustable from 0-20 µL/s
SoftwareMicrosoft Windows™ operating system with full network support, data analysis and real-time data display
Storage of instrument settings, screen layout templates, panels, gates and compensation matrices
Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) data format for storage of original and evaluated data
Automated reporting of statistics, graphics and instrument settings to Word or Excel
DimensionsW 560mm x H 300mm x D 650mm

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