FIT screening

Dikkedarmkanker, ook wel colorectaal carcinoom, is een veelvoorkomende ziekte onder voornamelijk ouderen. Het detecteren van dikke darmkanker in een vroeg stadium kan de overlevingskans van een patiënt aanzienlijk vergroten. Door gebruik te maken van een fecale immunochemische test (FIT) worden kleine hoeveelheden bloed (met behulp van antilichamen voor humaan hemoglobine) opgespoord in ontlastingsmonsters.

Sysmex biedt FIT-tests aan voor twee hoofdgroepen: grootschalig tests voor nationale of regionale bevolkingsonderzoeken, en symptomatische tests die hoofdzakelijk plaatsvinden in ziekenhuizen of klinische omgevingen. Lees hier meer over op onze FIT screening microsite

DigniLife – Prevention of chemotherapy-induced alopecia

Experience shows that efficient and effective scalp cooling treatment requires more than just
an elaborate instrument. Working with experts from various European countries, Dignitana
and Sysmex identified several factors that are essential for making sure scalp cooling
treatment is successful during adjuvant and palliative chemotherapy:

  • Tight collaboration between nurses, physicians and patients
  • A step-by-step concept, properly integrated in the established workflow
  • Staff need to be well trained in applying scalp cooling treatments and in offering best possible patient support
  • The administrative workload has to be minimised
  • Technical service and support has to be available within an acceptable timeframe


To meet these needs, Sysmex developed the DigniLife® Concept. It addresses all issues
typically observed in hospitals and doctors’ offices.


Step-by-step towards success with DigniLife®

1. Step: Interactive planning phase, to create a tailored DigniLife® solution that optimally integrates scalp cooling in your
daily routine.:

  • Analysing the current situation at your site
  • Developing solutions for implementing all relevant steps
  • Presenting your individual implementation


2. Step: Assistance during the implementation in your routine, to enable the best possible DigniLife® routine application at your site.:

  • All needed communication material and application equipment you need
  • Intensive training of involved staff
  • Initial on-site support


3. Step: Easy handling and successful operation, so you can offer DigniLife® successfully to your patients.:

  • Choice of ongoing support and material relevant to you and your site after the


U.S. FDA de novo clearance for the DigniCap!

DigniCap® – The First U.S. FDA-Cleared Scalp Cooling System

More information here

DigniLife in the press

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